Why I Play Roller Derby – Leggs Beneditct

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Why I Derby! Leggs Benedict

What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

There isn’t any great story. It came from an online derby name generator. I clicked through until I found one that I liked. I didn’t think a super tough one fit me and I didn’t want one that was too risqué. So when I saw Leggs Benedict pop up, I thought, “Hey! I have legs! That’ll do!”

When and Why did you start roller derby?

There was a groupon and I thought it looked fun/cool. That was back in 2013. I didn’t last very long due to a mix of excuses. I started back the summer of 2018. I got tired of thinking back to that time I didn’t do the thing I wanted to do.

Has your why changed over the years?

I love the supportive community of women, the feeling of personal growth, and the challenge. Also, it’s hella cool to have a group of friends that you can hit and will hit you back. Like fight club but with bylaws, legal hit zones, and a Facebook group chat.

Advice to new skaters!

1.) Showing up is half the battle.
2.) You get out what you put in.
3.) Everyone improves at their own pace.