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Dance On Skates 4/Weeks $95

Monday Class 7pm-8pm
Pearland Location – 1230 Broadway

Next Session Starts Aug 5th

You will need your own quad skates (if you don’t have our own skates there is 99.9% chance you are not ready for this class. Start in our beginner class and you can use the awesome brown rinks skates while you are in beginner class.) sign up for beginner class here >>

Each skater will need to test out of our beginner class. For more info on setting up a testing session contact us. Or simply start in our one of our beginner classes.
sign up for beginner class here >>

If you have your own quad skates and your testing out of beginner class keep reading and sign up! Let’s Roll!

What you will learn

  • Grooving
  • Cross in front/cross behind
  • Transitions
  • 360 Transitions
  • Downtown
  • Basic shuffle Skating

You will need your own skates and protective gear highly recommended ???? You will fall????

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