Women's Roller Derby

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Women's Roller Derby training! 

The cost is $95a month manual payment, or if you get on auto payment it is $85 a month. 

WHAT DO I NEED? Helmet, Elbow, Wrist Guards, Knee Pads Mouth Guard and for scrimmage drills, you will need a pink top, and a black top! Bring them to practice keep them in your bag! 


  • You will be improving on your speed and agility (cone drills and 10/4)
  • Week 1 &2 How to skate with others in a “pack” (Making walls, Plow Stopping, Staying with your team and more) 
  • Week 2& 3 Contact drills (Blocking!!) 
  • Week 4 How to play the game!

Start reading the rules!! The Rules 

WHEN is Roller Derby Class?
Our practice schedule can change from time to time because we schedule our practices around the roller rinks private party schedule so keep an eye on the facebook group page and our practice calendar here http://southsiderollerderby.com/ssrd-practice/

Our normal roller derby class schedule
Is Monday 7-9pm And Wednesday 7 PM to 8:30 PM 
Also included in your membership is a an Outdoor Skate Class  

Outdoor Skate class, to help you get comfortable with all things the great outdoors can bring to your wheels, on Saturdays 9 AM to 10 AM! At various parts in Friendswood in Pearland, park location will always be posted the week of! 

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