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Roller Derby is an alternative sport. South Side Roller Derby has been training skaters that can barely stand up on skate into awesome derby players since 2006


All our skaters come from very diverse backgrounds and professions. We are all life long members because we love the sport and all the love and support of women's roller derby.


Most of our members sign up for a beginner class not knowing what kind of love for the sport they'll have. We like to call it the derby virus! It's contagious! The culture of women supporting each other and pushing your self to be better is what derby love is.

Our Beliefs

Each member of South Side Roller Derby joins for a different reason, i.e., get fit, feel more confidant, make friends, what every it may be, the modality is roller derby.

Therefor we have developed the best step by step training program to get you to your happy derby place.

get physical, get derby