Why I Play Roller Derby – Lola Chola

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Why I Derby! Lola Chola

What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

Lola Chola - My alter ego has been Lola since New Orleans 10yrs ago. Basically when I'm having fun people call me Lola. When I looked up the name Lola it had a Spanish decent meaning pain and sorrows. So I went with Lola De Dolores (which most said wrong). Then with the help of my derby sisters commenting how I always wear bandannas to practice, I became Lola Chola.

When did you start roller derby?

I started roller derby in August 2016.

Why did you start derby?

My daughter played piano at school of rock. They perform the halftime shows for our bouts. I saw a flyer and literally looked at it every day till I registered for tryouts lol. I was going through a break up at the time and was trying to fill a void. Little did I know this sport would fill voids I didn't even know I had.

Has your why changed over the years?

Absolutely my why has changed! I joined for "me" two years ago but now I'm part of a league full of strong woman...mentally and physically. I skate now because the world seems to turn a lot easier when I'm on the track. I'm a trainer for the league and help with our juniors. Giving my time to this league has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done in my life. Wish I would have found this sport sooner.

Advice to new skaters!

Not everyone is going to like your personality good thing none of that matters when you're on the track 🙌 practice makes perfect!