Why I Derby: Fit Over 40 – An Interview with Warrior!

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Why I Derby, Warrior Fitness Over 40

Embracing a new fitness journey over 40 can be a daring adventure, but Warrior, a roller derby skater and coach, proves that it’s not just possible—it’s a fun way to stay fit and connected to a community of women. Today, we’re diving into Warrior’s world, hoping to inspire other women over 40 to discover a passion for staying active in a way that fulfills them.

Roller Derby Renaissance

Warrior #17. When asked about the significance behind her derby name, she shares, “I’ve faced several challenges in my life, but through it all, my faith—my belief in fighting for what is right, for my family, and for my friends—has been my guiding force. Transitioning that fighting spirit to the derby felt natural. I am a warrior in every aspect of my life.”

Life Beyond the Rink

Off the track, Warrior leads a life filled with variety. “My time away from derby practice is rich with family moments, friendships, weight lifting, reading, crocheting, geocaching, and dabbling in new hobbies that pique my interest.” This versatility not only shows her openness to new experiences but highlights the balance she maintains between her derby commitments and personal life.

A New Challenge

Initiating her roller derby chapter in July of 2022, immediately after being spotted in a Beginner Skate class, Warrior’s venture into this field was driven by a lifelong commitment to athleticism and an eagerness for new challenges. With a background steeped in martial arts, the physicality of roller derby was nothing new. Yet, it presented an engaging new arena to apply her skills and passion.

Empowering Advice

For those curious about roller derby or teetering on the edge of diving in, Warrior dispenses sage advice:

  1. Embrace Falling: “Falling isn’t just inevitable; it’s part of the process. Every skater has experienced their share of tumbles. It’s how we learn and grow.”
  2. Celebrate Individual Progress: “The only person you should compare yourself to is you. Acknowledge and celebrate your own milestones and improvements. Everyone’s journey starts somewhere.”
  3. Cultivate Curiosity: “Asking questions is essential. We are a team, and understanding the game not only benefits you but all of us. Every query is a step toward becoming a more effective player.”

Through roller derby, Warrior is not only challenging her physical limits but also building bonds and a support system that extends beyond the rink. Her journey is a testament to the enduring spirit of women over 40 and a beacon for those seeking to reignite their fitness flame in an unconventional way.

Are you inspired by Warrior’s journey? Roller derby could be the path to rediscovering your adventurous side, a way to stay fit while embracing a vibrant community. Remember, it’s never too late to lace up those skates and transform into the warrior you’ve always been inside.

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