Why I Derby: A Look into the World of Non- Skating Official Molitia’s Eyes

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Welcome to another Why I Derby, a feature on our blog where we dive into the fascinating world of roller derby, not just through the eyes of the players, but through the dedicated individuals who keep the sport rolling smoothly behind the scenes. Today, we’re sitting down with a spirited and charismatic non-skating official (NSO) known in the derby community by her alias, Molitia, or as she’s affectionately called by friends and teammates, Mo. Let’s delve into her world and discover her journey alongside the track.

Embracing Her Derby Identity: Molitia, aka SloMo

Q: What is your derby name, and how do you contribute to roller derby?

Mo: Currently, I go by Molitia, but I’ve been pondering the idea of changing it to SloMo, which is a playful nod to the pace at which I perform my NSO duties—it’s all about accuracy over speed in my book! Although I jokingly reference my ‘speed’, my role involves a lot of quick thinking and sharp observation. Off the track, everyone just sticks to calling me Mo.

Q: What’s the backstory on your derby name?

Mo: Mo has been my nickname for the last 17 years. It feels like it’s just part of who I am at this point.

Life Outside of Derby

Q: What do you do when you’re not involved with roller derby?

Mo: I work for a chemical manufacturing company, definitely a contrast to the derby track! Besides that, I have a deep love for singing. Singing, much like being part of derby, is a passion that offers a unique avenue for self-expression. When not at the rink or working, you’ll catch me at home cherishing the moments with my family.

The Start of Her Derby Journey

Q: When and why did you start getting involved in derby as a non-skating official?

Mo: My journey into the world of roller derby was initially paved by my daughter, who is part of the Juniors Team. Since I was already spending a significant amount of time at the rink to support her, I thought, why not become an integral part of this? That’s when I decided to step into the role of a non-skating official. Here I am, thoroughly engrossed and enjoying every moment of it.

Advice for Aspiring Participants

Q: What advice do you have for new individuals curious about roller derby or considering joining in any capacity?

Mo: Firstly, don’t hesitate. Roller derby can be immensely fulfilling. It’s important not to let the initial challenges deter you. Remember, the league is incredible, brimming with wonderful, supportive souls who’ll become like family. And if you’re not sure about skating, there’s always a place for you here as an NSO. You get to be at the heart of the action, ensuring everything runs smoothly, all without the need to skate.

Mo’s experiences shed light on the rewarding and often overlooked aspects of being a non-skating official in the roller derby community. Her journey underscores that the roller derby world is inclusive, offering roles for everyone, regardless of your skill on skates. Mo’s commitment and passion illuminate the pivotal roles NSOs play in making each bout a success, highlighting that the thrill of derby extends well beyond the track. It’s a community and a family, ready to welcome anyone willing to embrace the derby spirit.