Self-Care to Communal Care: The Power of Unity in Your Roller Skating Community

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Self-Care to Communal Care: The Power of Unity in Roller Skating

Hello, I’m Brenda Holley, founder of South Side Roller Derby, Roller Pump, and Roller Sports Club. Throughout my life as a competitive roller skater and roller sport community builder, I’ve learned the importance of self-care and communal care. Both are essential, not only to our well-being but also to fostering a resilient and supportive community.

The Shift from Self-Care to Communal Care

Self-care has been a buzzword for quite some time now, and rightfully so. It’s about recognizing our needs and taking steps to meet them. It’s about pausing amidst our busy lives to breathe, relax, and nurture ourselves. But once we’ve mastered self-care, it’s time to consider the next step on the journey: communal care.

Communal care is about looking after each other. It’s about recognizing that we’re all interconnected, and the wellbeing of one affects the wellbeing of all. In our roller skating community, I’ve seen countless examples of communal care that have warmed my heart and reinforced my belief in its power.

The Power of Communal Care in Roller Skating

In the roller skating community, we share more than just a love for the sport. We share life’s ups and downs, celebrating victories together and providing support during challenging times. When a fellow skater is hurt or going through a tough time, the effects of communal care come through in ways they never imagined.

Take the example of a skater who got injured during a game. She was sidelined for weeks, unable to prepare meals for herself. But she didn’t have to worry. Her fellow skaters stepped in, bringing her meals, doing her grocery shopping, and even helping with household chores. This kind of support goes beyond simple assistance; it’s a testament to the strength and compassion of our community.

Or consider another scenario: a skater lost a loved one. The grief was overwhelming, but she wasn’t alone. Her community of skaters wrapped around her like a warm blanket, offering emotional support, holding space for her grief, and reminding her that she’s part of a family that cares.

These are just a few examples of the power of communal care in our roller skating community. They’re a reminder that we’re not alone, that we have people who care about us and will stand by us no matter what.

Communal care is more than just helping out when times are tough; it’s about creating a supportive network that fosters resilience and compassion. It’s about recognizing that we’re stronger together, and that by caring for each other, we’re also caring for ourselves.

So, let’s continue to nurture this spirit of communal care in our roller skating community and beyond. Because when we lift each other up, we all rise together.