Roller Skating Sports PE Wavier Program

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Rollerskating PE waiver


Roller Skating Sports PE Wavier Program

Rollerskating PE waiver

We can tailor a Roller Sports PE program to work with your child’s school PE waiver program at no additional cost to members.

If you were looking for a PE grade that your child is going to fall in love with consider us as your PE waiver provider. We work with area schools to build a PE waiver program that is tailored to the students needs and meets the schools requirements for PE grades in credits.

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This enables your child to participate in a physical activity that she loves and feels comfortable with.  This also enables your child to raise her GPA and Three of her class schedule enabling your child to sign up for other classes offered at school of interest that may help with college credits.

If your child loves rollerskating we have 3 PE waiver options available, recreational roller derby, recreational roller dance, and recreational ramp skating, or your child can do all three.

The PE waiver program is a service we provide at no additional cost to your child’s memberships!


If interested contact your child’s school for more information on getting the PE waiver and then contact us and we will meet the needs of your schools PE waiver program requirements.

In addition to working with schools, we also provide PE credits for homeschoolers!

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