Triple X – Retiring and finding your place as a retired skater.

South Side GirlsRetiered Skater Spotlight

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Retiring and finding your place as a retired skater.

Featuring Triple X #333

What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

I'm Triple X #333 because I have 13 year old triplet boys. They were 6 when I started. I liked the name because I knew it's meaning was innocent, but it didn't sound innocent.

Why did you start derby?

 I started skating in January 2012. I loved to roller skate and thought roller derby boot camp sounded like a fun way to exercise. I never intended to join a team. I was 41 years old and felt like I was too old to play a full contact team sport. Once I started I fell in love. It was a little scary at first, but it was so fun. It was awesome to be a part of all of these amazing women, to be one of them. Why I continued to play always stayed the same. I loved the sport, and I loved the people. If I could go back, I really wouldn't change much. I don't know that there is anything I wish I knew when I started. I didn't even know the rules of the game. Those first few scrimmages I was just trying to keep up with everyone. I decided to be a jammer because I knew exactly what my job was. I needed to get through the pack as fast as I could. I loved the challenge.

What is your retirement going to look like for you.

I retired 2 days before my 48th birthday. I want to jammer coach the Cupcakes, and anyone else who would like my advice. I would also like to do some training. I've got a lot of experience with SSRD. I played several years on the Elite team and traveled across the country playing roller derby. I've got something to offer these new girls and I want to help them be better skaters. The people in this league are too important to me to just retire and not be a part of it. I will always love roller derby and SSRD!