Why I Play Roller Derby – K.O.D.

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Why I Derby! K.O.D.

What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

Throughout my first several weeks of skating, my wheels would always bump into the wheels of the skaters next to me. I’d proceed to end up on the floor and usually take my partner down with me. This happened a lot and was told this was the “kiss of death”. My buddy insisted I keep it and came up with K.O.D. for short. I hope to one day grow into the full name and become a derby badass, but until then, I’m still super paranoid and overly cautious not to kiss the wheels beside me!

When did you start roller derby?

August 2019

Why did you start derby?

I lost my son to renal failure earlier that summer and was in pretty bad shape mentally. My husband had a buddy at work mention roller derby (because he just so happens to be married to one of the trainers @shannihilator! and really pushed me to give derby a shot. Roller derby forced me to get out of the house, burn-off some energy and release a lot of bottled-up anger and frustration.

Has your why changed?

Got drafted into the best team in the league and the Queens keep me in good physical and mental shape!

What do you do when you are not roller skating?

I love going on hikes and long drives. I also like to draw and bike around town. But for the most part, I work a 9-5 job, lose money on Robinhood, do a lot of movie watching (but I’m an elitist so I won’t watch any recs that are less than an IMDb 7/10 lol), and scream at my husband and crazy boys.

Advice to new skaters:

  1. Hang in there; you will get better.
  2. If you have questions, just ask. Any of the girls are always happy to explain something until it makes sense.
  3. You’re gonna fall and that’s okay 👌

Fun Fact About K.O.D.

  1. I was named after Marilyn Monroe.
  2. My drink of choice is a mean margarita.
  3. My favorite podcast is, ‘Terrible, Thanks for Asking’ because clearly I like to cry.
  4. I love a good southern-facing room with large windows and a lot of light.