How to Cure Your Over Coaching Tendencies: The Ultimate Solution Revealed!

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How to Cure Your Over Coaching Tendencies: The Ultimate Solution Revealed!

Hey there, fellow coaches in the world of skating or any other sport! Today, we embark on a journey to cure the dreaded curse of over coaching that has been plaguing us. As someone who wholeheartedly believes in efficient and impactful coaching, I am thrilled to share with you the number one tip that will revolutionize your coaching approach. Get ready to say goodbye to excessive instructions and hello to the sweet, short moments that truly matter. Let’s Slay!!

The Number One Tip: Don’t Instruct Over 30 Seconds! OMG, yall, this is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for! When it comes to setting up drills and delivering instructions, you have a window of 8 to 30 seconds to captivate your skaters’ attention. Within this short timeframe, make sure to cover all the important information they need to know. It’s like a mini power burst that sets the stage for awesome sweet moves and incredible progress.

Embracing Your Unique Voice: Now, let’s sprinkle in some of your authentic personality, because being true to yourself is what makes coaching so freakin’ awesome! Use phrases like “OMG” and express your excitement when your skaters nail those sweet moves. Feel free to drop in some playful frickin’ and frackins’ to keep things light-hearted and fun. Remember, your personalized touch adds a unique flavor to your coaching style that your skaters will love.

Fostering Growth Through Autonomy: Autonomy is a big word I learned so i’m gonna try it out here today!! By keeping your instructions brief and concise, you empower your skaters to take charge of their own learning journey. Instead of overwhelming them with information overload, provide a clear setup in those first few seconds and then let them explore and discover on their own. This promotes autonomy, creativity, and a deeper understanding of the sport.

Efficiency and Impact are Key: The beauty of delivering short instructions is that it maximizes the efficiency and impact of your coaching. Your skaters will be fully engaged, muscles primed, and ready to absorb the crucial information you present. No more unnecessary rambling or losing their attention in a sea of words. Stay focused, keep it concise, and watch as your coaching becomes even more effective.

Congratulations, fellow coaches, I know this blog was more than 30 seconds long but you are special that’s why you are coaching!! So get out there and be short and sweet! You now hold the ultimate solution to cure your over coaching tendencies! By adhering to the golden rule of not instructing over 30 seconds, you’ll create an environment where your skaters thrive. It’s the quality of your coaching, not the quantity of your words, that truly matters. Get out there and Slay,Rock and Roll those coaching sessions!

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