Bone Broth For Roller Derby -with- Dick Tater

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Bone Broth For Roller Derby -with- Dick Tater

Bone Broth!! Its liquid gold! Especially for Roller derby athletes! We need this stuff, it is loaded with all kinds of nutrients for our joints and bones. It keeps our derby shelf life long and prosperous. If you are recovering from an injury, drink this stuff! It helps with speeding up the healing process, and makes your skin, fingernails, bones, ligaments, and pretty much every facet of your body happy.  I am over 40. I started out my roller skating love in the competitive figure skating realm. I have been actively skating since 1986. I am not good at math, but I think that’s a long time. I have been playing roller derby for the past 12 years, I initially started putting bone broth in my body because of stomach issues, I was diagnosed at a young age with I.B.S. a.k.a. (we don’t know what’s wrong with your stomach).  I went on a bone broth diet, (GAPS Diet)  for two weeks, and cleared all my mystery stomach issues. I was amazed at the miraculous healing of my gut that had been causing me pain for years! As I explored more of the wonderful amazing things of bone broth I found that it also helps with healing other parts of your body, and noticed my nails look amazing, my skin got more plump. Here’s an awesome blog post on all the amazing benefits of bone broth check it out.

So here’s my gift to the world!! Dick Tater’s Basic Bone Broth recipe! Make some, drink it, especially if you have issues going on with your body. There’s all kinds of awesome information out there on the world wide web. Look up different recipes, put your own spices in it, and just explore all the wonderfulness that bone broth brings to one’s body!

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Basic Bone Broth

Basic Chicken Bone Broth Shopping List

  1.  1 Organic/all natural whole chicken 1f413?
    Or if you can find any grass fed beef bones, but they are really hard to find, without having to pay for them online.Don’t get anything that could possibly have antibiotics and other preservatives stuffed inside of it, because you don’t want to leach that stuff out of the bones, and get that in your system, that stuff is toxic, and will not help any inflammation in your body, it will actually make your body more inflamed.
  2. Himalayan pink salt.
  3. Specific for Derby, organic Turmeric, the powder form found in the spice section, or if your store has the actual route, that’s way better and more fun. Turmeric is also another awesome anti-inflammatory that also aids and joint health.
  4. Apple cider vinegar with mother. Studies are showing, that you don’t really need this stuff to help leach out the marrow from the bones and the collagen, but I have not seen enough studies, so I continue to use this stuff to help aid in leaching out the nutrients into the broth. It must have MOTHER. This stuff is usually found in the salad dressing department 1f642

That’s pretty much all the ingredients you need, the rest, is up to you, you can spice it up with your favorite spices, or you can leave it as is, and add spices to it when you decide to drink it, or cook with it.

Basic Bone Broth Recipe

  1. Put One whole chicken and your pressure cooker, or slow cooker
  2. Fill it up with preferably filtered water all the way to the max line
  3. Poor in half a cup of apple cider vinegar with MOTHER.
  4. Salted up with a tablespoon, if you like things more salty, or are on the keto diet 2 tablespoons.
  5. Add a tablespoon of Turmeric and what ever other spices you like

Cooking In  A Pressure Cooker

  1. Set your pressure cooker for 1 hour
  2. After an hour, get the bird out, and get all the good meat off and store it for eating later 1f642
  3. Put everything back in the pot even the skin and all the little grossed meat parts that have meat stuck to it, and cook it for 1 more hour.

How To Store Your Bone Broth

Before you start trying to transfer the broth to containers let it cool
transfer it all to containers, that can be frozen, if you are not going to freeze the broth make sure you drink it all within three days.

I use a strainer, to strain the broth, so there’s no flakes of skin and marrow.

You need lots of little containers, to store your broth in. Store your broth in 1 to 2 cup increments, so you don’t have to commit to too much broth at a time.

For optimal over 40 and still derbying health get 2 cups a week in your body (drink it or cook with it)
Do not heat it up in the the microwave ( you will zap all the miraculous nutrients out of it.) Annnnnnd That’s not Fine!
Here’s to being a health nut derby athlete for many many many years! Cheers!

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