Beginner Class 7

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Beginner Class 7

Most drill are 5 min long. Keep your heart rate your in your fat burning zone.

If you don’t know what your fat burning zone see chart here>>

Blocker Drill
10 Minutes - Sticky Feet
Think like a blocker, keep your butt in front of the jammer or goat
The jammer or goat is trying to pass you to score a point. Stay in front of her with your sticky feet laterals.

Jammer or Goat Drills
10 Minutes - Turnaround stops
Think like a jammer or a goat trying to get around a wall.

Blocker Drill

10 Minutes - Plow Stop
Think like you are a blocker and you need to run fast to position your self in front of a jammer that has fallen. Toe Stop run up and get your butt in front of her with a plow.

More jammer and pivot drills are coming tomorrow so prep for them with these footwork

10 Minutes - Toe Stop Step (Jammer and Pivots Love Toe Stops)

10 Minutes - Toe Stop Walks With Mohawk Turns (Jammers and Pivots Love Love Love to do this)

10 Minutes - Stationary Mohawk Turns (Jammers and Pivots are Mohawk queens)

Let's Get Our Upper Body Strong So We Can Feel Like A Brick Wall On The Track.

Upper Body Pump
Pick up something heavy and go!

  • 30 Flys
  • 30 Bicep Curls
  • 15 Burpees
    Repeat 4x

Post Videos Of Your Best Moves. And let your trainer know when you need help we can face time, zoom or simply share videos for critique.

Your trainer is:
Brenda Holley/ Tater #300
or call or text at 281. 460 2240