Roller Derby Non Skating Officials

Beginning a South Side Roller Derby non skating official (NSO) is a very hard work, you will be training with skaters and you will be leaning to different roller derby rule sets. Banked Track Roller Derby also known as (RDCL Rules) and Flat Track Roller Derby Rules also know as (WFTDA Rules). Our officials must be trained in the highest level of officiating to be able to NSO at a national level and to keep home team skaters safe.

If you are interested in trying out to be a non skating officials first need memorize the (WFTDA verbal ques , Hand signals and you be tested over the WFTDA officiating standard practices) If you are really serious about getting involved we need you to at least to this at home self study part so we can start training you. We can not training you if you don’t have this consent memorized.

When yo have every thing memorized and you think you are ready to tryout, schedule a tryout date with us at