Why I Play Roller Derby – KC Sunshine

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Why I Derby! KC Sunshine

What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

My Dad used to call me KC when I was little because those are the initials for my first and middle names. I had a lot of trouble thinking of something cool so I had my husband help me out. He suggested something with KC and so KC Sunshine was a creation that stuck out because I try to bring sunshine wherever I go

When did you start roller derby?

About a year ago after going to an open skate session. My husband said I looked so happy when I was skating and thought I was good at it. I just started looking online for adult skating opportunities and I found SSRD. Thought I would try their beginner sessions and then just kinda got caught up. I really didn’t think I would make it to a team but I did!

Why did you start derby?

 I have always kind of admired it from afar but thought I wasn’t tough enough to make it. Then once I met the other ladies I realized they were so kind and open and I loved that kind of environment.

Has your why changed?

Maybe. I have found that I really enjoy team sports more than I thought I would. I was never on a team as a kid so to join one as an adult is pretty cool. You learn so much about how to do things cooperatively on a team.

Advice to new skaters!

Anyone can do this if you try. It does take time and dedication to get better so make sure you are ready for that...Just be open to learning.