Why I Play Roller Derby -with- Lou Lou

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What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

I was always Lindsay Lou Lou growing up so I wanted to use the Lou part. Alliteration led me to Lou Lou Lockdown. After a while I got tired of how long it was and I had been going by Loucifer as a derby nickname for a while so I just made it official.

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When did you start roller derby?

September of 2015 for a couple months but then I stopped. I came back in March of 2016 and I was drafted after the May 2016 game.

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Why did you start derby?

I started derby as a social event with my book club, believe it or not. Out of about 25 women, 8 of us said we were interested and bought the groupon, 3 of us actually showed up for boot camp and 2 of us were eventually drafted.
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Has your why changed over the years?

Yes and no. It is definitely still a large part of my social life but it has become its own social component rather than being a social event that I do through book club. My teammates have become some of my very best friends and I talk to them on almost a daily basis. If I have a week where I can’t make practice, I miss my teammates like I’d miss family.

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Two things you wish you knew when you first started derby that you know now.

1.) Something is always going to hurt so listen to your body.

2.) You can lose your strength and endurance pretty dang fast and trying to get it back isn’t worth the time off.

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