Why I Play Roller Derby – TemperMENTAL

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Why I Play Roller Derby - TemperMENTAL

What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

My derby name was super difficult to pick out I went back-and-forth for 9 months on a name, one day skatecharmer was helping me with it and she came up with temperMENTAL and it fit me perfect. I have always had a short temper and been a little crazy😉

When did you start roller derby?

I started roller derby February 2018

Why did you start derby?

I started roller derby to make friends and I’m so happy I did because I’ve made a lot. and plus I just want to be able to hit people and not get in trouble 😂

Advice to new skaters!

When I started derby I wish I would’ve known how much dedication and work it takes but when you are on the track it’s the best feeling ever, you feel like family, and all the work is worth it.