Skater Spot Light With Kiss V Vixen

South Side GirlsSkater Spotlight

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A Jammer on South Side Roller Derby’s Queen’s Of Chaos!

What is your Derby name and number?
My derby name is Kissin V Vixen #57!!

How did you come up with it/What does it mean?
My name is inspired by The infamous, badass Texas outlaw Kissin Kate Barlow from the movie HOLES who robbed Banks and killed racists after they killed her onion-picking lover named Sam. She would leave kiss marks on the cheeks of the dead 1f608?

How long have you been playing Derby?
I have been playing Derby for coming on 5 years now!

How did you get into Roller Derby?
I got into roller derby because I was a skater kid on blades bustin through parking lots and as a teen, I got a flyer once at Pride- then I googled roller derby and watched a short documentary and immediately fell in love and then went to a SSRD game that weekend and was in class by Monday. It all happened perfectly and so fast.

What’s your profession?
I work in thehealth & nutrition industry, currenlty I’m in management at Snap Kitchen.
We do meal prep for people wanting to eath super healthy but don’t have the time to cook.

What is your favorite favorite part of Roller Derby?
My favorite part of derby is the fact that I can embrace my 2 fav things 1) skating 2) female empowerment and strength.

What advice do you have to incoming skaters?
My advice to incoming skaters is to embrace the change and let yourself be vulnerable enough to give it your all. Hit hard, fall in weird positions, push through the feelings of embarrassment or self doubt and just keep going. let go of the image you have of yourself so that you can really free yourself and embrace your inner derby girl power!! No one judges you as hard as you judge you.

Why do you love being a Queen of Chaos?
I love being a queen of chaos because I admire each and everyone of the personalities and I actually get inspired by all of my team mates willpower and colorful personalities and I never feel like I don’t fit in. Being a queen feels like home!