Why I Play Roller Derby – Psyblocke

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Why I Play Roller Derby

Why I Derby! Psyblocke

What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

I love comics. I chose Psyblocke in homage to Psylocke from the X-Men. My number 213 is also significant. In The Uncanny X-Men issue #213, the X-Men accept Psylocke as a full-fledged member of the team.

When did you start roller derby?

I started Roller Derby October 2014 with practically zero skating experience prior.

Why did you start derby?

A co-worker came in one day excited to tell me about a new Roller Derby league that started in my home town, and invited me and four others to join her. Looking for an outlet and a fun way to get fit, I accepted the invite and showed up to our local rink. This was a transitional time in my life where I needed a healthy outlet and a way to make new friends. I came to love the challenge of the sport, and friends I have made along the way.

Has your why changed?

I stay in Roller Derby as a way to stay physically active and continue challenging myself.

Advice to new skaters:

I was never into fitness prior to joining Roller Derby.  I found the gym to be dull.  The only sport I had played was golf.  I like the rest of the Roller Derby world miss the thrill of the sport we have all grown to love.  The thing I wish I knew when I started Roller Derby is how it would become such an integral part of my life!

One thing every freshies needs to understand is the amount of dedication a sport of this nature requires.  This isn't dress up play time.  Although getting all made up is part of the fun as you become your alter ego taking the floor to face your opponents.  It is physically and mentally demanding.  Remember you are part of a team, and everyone is vital in making a team work cohesively.
Second remember dont give up.  It's ok to struggle with a skill.  Some people are naturals, but I was not so much lol!  I spent hours at our local rink learning and practicing in addition to our regular practice days.  It took me months to learn to plow stop, and others seemed to pick it up immediately.
Lastly.  I wish I new ahead of time how addictive this sport is!  It's more than just a fun way to exercise for me.  My obsession with the sport has moved into looking for the next upgrade.  Sometimes it's finding a new wheel for a different skating surface, then better safety gear for those inevitable spills, or a lighter better fitting skate.  My obsession has also extended into a collection of shorts, leggings, tanks, and team attire.

Fun Facts About Psyblocke

  • Playing on a bank track is on my bucket list.  I know however that I can't play forever.
  • When I decide to retire from play leaving the persona of Psyblocke behind, I may continue to be involved in Roller Derby by joining team Zebra.  My referee moniker will be Jess sayin'.
  • I ride motorcycles of all varieties. I've learned to ride regular street bikes, trikes, and sidecar rigs!

  • I also play billiards in a local league. My teammate and I took 3rd place in the Scotch doubles season this year!