Roller Derby Officials

Non-skating Officials (NSOs)

These Officials are responsible for the smooth running of the game and for tracking several
aspects of the competition, including the timing, the penalties, the scores and the lineups.

(1) Jam Timer
The Jam Timer shall be positioned in the infield, near the pivot line, and shall be
responsible for:

a. Signaling the start of each jam. Five seconds prior to the jam start, the Jam Timer
will signal the impending start of the jam with a hand raised overhead until it starts.

b. Indicating the end of the jam if the clock reaches the maximum allowed length of the

c. Maintaining the official period clock, indicating the end of the period or game

d. Indicating when a timeout is happening and officially timing such timeout.

e. Ensuring that the scoreboard accurately presents the correct period and game time,
when available

(1-2) Score Trackers
A minimum of one (1) and a maximum of two (2) Score Trackers shall be available during a
game. Score Trackers are responsible for receiving and recording the scores from the Scorer/Jammer Referees and for tracking the official score of the game. Score Trackers are typically located in the vicinity of the track. If a scoreboard is used, the Score Trackers must be close to the Scoreboard Operator and must constantly inform her or him of the points earned by each team, making sure the score is presented accurately.

Score Trackers must record the points reported by the Scorer Referee and mirror the points
back to her or him to confirm. When two Score Trackers are used, it is recommended that
they wear a wristband that matches the color of their designated Scorer Referee wristband.

(1-4) Penalty Tracker
A minimum of one (1) and a maximum of three (3) Penalty Trackers shall be positioned in
the penalty box area, within the designated official sections. One (1) additional Penalty
Tracker may be used in the infield to assist the Referees in communicating penalties to
other Penalty Trackers. If a whiteboard or an electronic penalty system is used, an
additional Penalty Tracker may be positioned in a convenient and visible area around the
track or in the infield. The mandatory responsibilities of the Penalty Trackers include:

a. Track the time for each penalized player in the penalty box.

b. Track the number of penalties per player.

c. Inform a Referee of any required penalties, such as having a player leaving the box
early, not following the penalty box procedures, or entering the track by skating in
the clockwise direction, to name a few.

d. Inform players serving a penalty when there are 10 seconds remaining on their
respective penalty so that the player can stand up and get ready to be released. After
the 10 seconds have lapsed, the penalty keeper must instruct the penalized player to
exit the penalty box.

e. If the penalty box is full and another player is penalized, indicate to the last
penalized player that they must stand beside the penalty box until a seat is available.

Optional responsibilities, depending on the number of available Officials, include:
f. Record the appropriate penalty codes per penalty.

g. Record the specific jams when each penalty occurs.

h. Maintain a visible running total of player penalties.

As a player is directed to the penalty box, the penalizing Referee shall make sure that one of
the Penalty Trackers knows the infraction and the corresponding penalty imposed.

(1) Scoreboard Operator
The use of an electronic scoreboard system is recommended for games and mandatory for
official tournaments. When available, the Scoreboard Operator must be adjacent to the
Score Trackers and shall be responsible for:

a. Updating the score on the scoreboard to reflect the points reported by the Scorer
Referees after each pass.

b. Verbally confirming the official game score with both Score Trackers at the end each

c. Updating the scoreboard to reflect the period and jam timers appropriately.

d. Communicating with the other Officials to ensure that the information on the
scoreboard is accurate.

e. Using the features of the available scoreboard system to reflect the game situation as
accurately as possible

(2) Lineup Trackers
Two (2) Officials may be assigned to track the numbers of the players who participate in
each jam. These Officials may be positioned anywhere in the vicinity of the track, except for
the infield.