Why I Derby- The Funky Monkey

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What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

5 years ago I left my career as a school principal to buy a local consignment store, The Funky Monkey. At the time the store was very close to going under and was definitely not making any money. With the help of my amazing team we have turned the store around and have made it a profitable Gift Store and Boutique. We are known for our quirky gifts and laidback atmosphere. I regularly do Facebook live to allow our customers to see new items as well as what life is like at The Funky Monkey. What started out as a funny way to let people know what items we have had turned into a fun way to connect with customers. It seems like more often than not when I go to new places people ask me if I’m the girl from The Funky Monkey so it just seemed fitting to go with Funky Monkey as my derby name. I love owning a small business and in my world all things lead back to my store.

Why did you start derby?

After struggling with my weight my whole life and loosing 100lbs not once but twice 🤦‍♀️I decide that I was never doing to do it again. I follow a strict Keto diet and enjoy weight lifting but typical cardio is just not my thing. I really enjoyed skating as a kid but hadn’t done it in at least 25 years but I kept seeing South Side Roller Derby in my Facebook feed so I decided to give it a try. Everything about derby fits my personality. It allows me to spend time with strong, confident, direct women who need to let out their inner aggression through physical contact. I am definitely a workaholic, always have been, and my husband has really encouraged me to find something I enjoy doing, other than working and make time for myself to do it. Derby is defiantly that thing for me and I’m super excited to continue to learn and get better.

Do you have any advice for any women out there sitting on the fence about joining a roller derby league.

If derby has ever crossed your mind you should give it a try. There are skaters of all ability levels and personality’s. I find not only do I enjoy the physical activity but I love that derby girls are “real” women, raising kids, working jobs and putting up with the daily shit this world has to offer. I will never forget the moment when Tater was describing how to do crossovers and she said “it’s like giving your Vagina a hug”. I came home and told my husband I have found my people!!