Why I Play Roller Derby – Graceful Disaster

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Why I Play Roller Derby - Graceful Disaster

What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

My derby name is Graceful Disaster. I would love to say it is because I am graceful, can dance, glide and walk without tripping, sadly that is not the case. I am a very clumsy person, I trip over nothing all the time. I was named because I went to sit down and missed my seat and fell on my butt in front of some of the girls, who laughingly called me graceful and a disaster…hence my name. Anyone who knows me gets that it is sarcastic, my family laughed pretty hard and called it fitting for me.

When did you start roller derby?

I started roller derby October of 2017

Why did you start derby?

 I joined because my friend Izzy Dead plays and thought I would enjoy it, and she was right. I joined because it looked like a lot of fun, great exercise and I needed something for me in my life. I was in a rough spot, going through a divorce, bad work environment, on my own in a new area, no family, few friends, and I needed to do something for me, I needed to focus on myself, learn about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and derby helped me with that. It was amazing meeting all these strong, powerful, wonderful women who empower each other, lift each other up, support one another, it was amazing to see and be a part of that culture. I am on an amazing team of supporting, loving women who I love and call my sisters.

Has your why changed?

I continue to do derby for the strength, mentally, emotionally and physically that it provides me. I have become a much stronger woman because of derby, gained new wonderful friends, and have a ton of fun! 

I am always learning new things, every practice I gain skills and experience. When I started I barely knew how to skate, didn’t know anything about how to play or the rules or the game. I have had many ahaha moments where a light bulb went off and a new skill finally clicked into place, I love those moments and look forward to many many more of them.

Derby has been a wonderful addition to my life. The women who a part of this world are amazing, inspiring, powerful, bad ass women! I could not ask for a better group to hang out with and have fun playing this great game!