Why I Play Roller Derby – Baby Jane

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Why I Derby! Baby Jane!

What is the backstory on your Derby Name?

Baby Jane has long been referred to as “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?” From the 1962 psychological horror thriller. -We found her... I think everyone can identify with parts of Baby Jane’s psychotic parallel reality because everyone experiences being pushed past their limit and looking for that tool to continue. Most wouldn’t try to slowly kill Joan Crawford and that’s respect for me! Who would try to Kill Joan Crawford! It was a real Hollywood rivalry... hack hack! VIVA BABY JANE! Fun fact: My sister was a child star

What are you doing when your are not at roller derby practice?

When do we not Derby??? Usually I’m catching up from doing Derby! But -most important are my kids and family. We love our dogs (Great Danes) and we play a lot of music. So it’s really important to wear my pads and gear so I can move and think later! It’s not just a good idea!

When did you start roller derby?

I started Derby at the beginning of 2019 but I have skated all of my life. Prior skate experience started at the prime age of 2 with straps on my shoes and led to inline with ramps and skateparks. Funny thing... a 2 degree lean back on inline skates is a “stop”. A 2 degree lean back on quads is a TBI disaster Hahahaha. I finally quit doing that!!

Why did you start derby?

Honestly... I had that 3am wake up with no sleep in sight. Surfing social media... doobie doobie doo do... At 8am the real wake up occurred with a brief memory of signing up to...what???? I paid to.... hmmmmm. I guess I should order some skates since I paid.... hmmmm!! I think there’s a very real reason anyone is willing to hand out hits and also take hits (with people or the floor). I can’t tell you my reasons on this forum but... I’ve never been so peaceful. Even if I hurt from head to toe. It’s peaceful. I heard one team mate say- it’s the least of what I deal with in my life. Yea... that. I love skates I love to skate I love to roll It didn’t have to be Derby, but look at all the people who love it too! This is how we roll!

Has your why changed since you started?

No. But my techniques have and my pads have. Also, sometimes I want to check people in the grocery store or hallway at work for no reason.

5 Things new skaters should know.

1. Check out Shanialator! She’s fun when you’re new!

2. Always inspect your skates EVERY TIME you skate. They can injure you or someone else (and you feel stupid when you wipe out when no one is around!) hehehe

3. Watch for juniors! I feel like Samuel L. Jackson on skates so know who they are! Also they’re FAST! And may be your height.

4. Practice falling everywhere at anytime. Fall well!

5. Create a relationship with your skates. Talk to them. Love them. Hold them. Wake up to them on Saturday morning. Make pancakes in them... dress them up. Maybe take them to places that don’t even like skates. Hehehe Saks to Neimans has some hella footage.